The Hiker Combo
The Hiker Combo

The Hiker Combo

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This combo includes:

-A modular 50L backpack

-A cooler

-Two add-on bags

-An aluminum bottle

-A set of small straps

-A set of large straps

What's included with the tent-hammock?

  • Everything you need; 3 poles, 10 pickets, 2 fastening straps with carabiners, a rain cover and tent-hammock. All that you are missing is two trees or any piece of land to install.

What's included with the backpack?

  • The backpack contains the top section of 4.5L, the main section of 30L and the bottom section of 15.5L (all sections are empty), the trampoline mesh structure, the braces and waist band. Transportation straps, cooler bag, tent-hammock and the small add-on bag are not included.

How much does the backpack and tent-hammock weight?

  • The empty backpack without add-ons weighs 2,04 kg. The weight of the tent-hammock with all accessories (poles, pickets, fastening straps, carabiners and rain cover) is 2,90kg.

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