Refund policy

Returns due to cancellation

The buyer can ask a refund by contacting us within 30 days from the purchase. By canceling within this period, we will fully refund your purchase.

*If the package has been delivered to you, all return costs, including delivery, taxes and customs duties, stay at the charge of the buyer. We recommend that you insure your return package as we cannot refund an item that we do not receive. As soon as we receive the package and its contents show no signs of wear, use or damage, we will fully refund what you paid for (excluding return shipping costs).

Please do not return the product to us without following our procedure. Contact us first at

Returns for exchange

Items can be exchanged within 30 days. Please note that items must be returned in the original packaging without any visible signs of wear, use or damage and with all original labels attached.

Please do not return the product to us without following our procedure. Contact us first at


All Owly Packs products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards and are covered by our user warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects in fabrics, parts and workmanship for a period of 12 months. The warranty takes effect at the time of purchase. This warranty covers the functionality of the product for normal operation. It does not cover malfunctions of any fabric or component resulting from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, accidents, damage due to inclement weather, improper repackaging or natural degradation due to in the sunlight.

The following damages are not covered by warranty:

  • Faults in the fabric, if caused by excessive wear
  • Leakage through the seals if there has been excessive abrasion of the seals or sealant tape
  • Broken zipper if caused by forcing, blocking or improper use
  • Broken curls if subjected to excessive force or abrasion
  • UV degradation, color change caused by weather conditions

Reasonable use does not include damage caused by behavior likely to cause damage or which does not comply with the guidelines set out in the conditions of use of Owly Packs.