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Owly Pack's mission is to create products specifically designed to allow you to go beyond the limits of your adventures, whatever they may be.

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Products created for adventure

Owly Packs is born during an adventure in Australia...

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What our clients say about Owly Packs products


One bag, an infinity of adventures. The bag I needed a long time ago! This one is a must with the tent! They're like Bonny and Clyde, They Complete Each Other. If you are wondering if you shoulds get it, you're asking the wrong questions; Where Could You Go With That amazing product?


How long have I the outdoors. I tried several products. I had the chance to try the backpack and tent in a park! I also saw the cooler and fasteners. I was impressed by the quality of products and above all that I wanted to have when I travel if found.


Comfortable and durable! I'm a woman and I 5 feet 6, I have ALWAYS had trouble finding me a backpack for my travel and adventure for me comfort is really my number one criterion 1. Well now they allowed me to come and try their bag before purchase and I found it so perfect in the chest, shoulders and waist.


Amazing products !! I am an herpetologist, and my work takes me across Many parts of the US, Where for field research it causes us to-have to camp for 4+ days at a time. I've always used your Typically Walmart tents That You Get, They Always aim fall apart and fail When You need 'em most. I purchased this Owlypacks the hybrid tent hammock, and I have to say it does not disappoint! With a water proof rain shelter, and a drainage system built into the tent, you do not-have to worry about getting wet! The walls of the tent sont également mosquito net so no need to worry about getting inside Any bugs. The poles are made of a strong metal That Really Makes this tent a lifetime investment. The tent Easily transfers from ground to hammock, with easy to follow instructions and guides. There are aussi multiple storage areas on the tent while fait que fashion hammock allow for easy access to your personal belongings as well as backpack. This tent Was an amazing investment committed Especially for the camp and outdoor enthusiast. Highly recommend to everyone, the Owlypacks team est very nice and helpful with Any Questions I Had!

John Michael Arnett

Customer Service is so good, kind and helpful and personable. The backpack we got is amazing, fits so well on my back and holds so much and looks great too. The hammock tent Was Such a unique experience, we loved it. Definitely recommend this product!

Meg Milne


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