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Everything you need; 3 poles, 10 pickets, 2 fastening straps with carabiners, a rain cover and tent-hammock. All that you are missing is two trees or any piece of land to install.
The backpack contains the top section of 4.5L, the main section of 30L and the bottom section of 15.5L (all sections are empty), the trampoline mesh structure, the braces and waist band. Transportation straps, cooler bag, tent-hammock and the small add-on bag are not included.
The empty backpack without add-ons weighs 2,04 kg. The weight of the tent-hammock with all accessories (poles, pickets, fastening straps, carabiners and rain cover) is 2,90kg.
Yes. It is a unisex product. It's also important to note that the braces were designed specifically to contour the breast area for women; hence, making the backpack comfortable for both men and women.
The optimal height for wearing the backpack is between 157 cm and 182 cm.

Absolutely! Watch this video to know how it works: (464) Tent in the backpack - YouTube

300 lbs / 136 kg
The ground tent mode can comfortably accommodate two people with their two backpacks. In hammock mode, two people can take a nap, but it will not be comfortable for an entire night. The ideal is to use the hammock mode alone. The maximum allowed weight is 300 lbs / 136 kg.
As the tent measures 260 cm long, there isn't really a maximum height; this being said, the optimal height to comfortably sleep with a backpack at your feet is 1m90 (both when being used as a tent or hammock).
The minimum distance is 14 feet and the maximum is 21 feet. The tent-hammock must be installed at least 6 feet high around the trees.
For a suitable suspension, the hammock must be installed at a minimum of 6 feet high and a maximum of 8 feet high.
Thanks to the self-supporting system of our tent, it can be installed on any surface without releasing (both hard and sandy surfaces).
For the tent-hammock, the floor is composed of Nylon Ripstop and a waterproof coating of 2000mm. The rain cover is made of Polyester Ripstop and a waterproof coating of 2000mm. The high-resistance net is made of Polyester 68D. The backpack is entirely made of P600D Galaxy FM fabric. PU coated 1500mm. The zippers are YKK Aquaguard. The backpack is water repellent and does not require a rain cover.
This model was not created for extreme colds or snow. This being said, this three-season model will comfortably keep you safe from rain and wind. Poles can break due to cold temperature.
The tent has a length of 260 cm, a width of 126 cm and a height of 100 cm, perfect for two people and their mattresses. The backpack has a height of 75 cm, a width of 29 cm and a thickness of 25 cm.
Each one of our fabrics and materials underwent fire tests and respond to the Canadian CPAI-84 fire resistant norms. Weight capacity tests were done for each strap that supports the hammock. Weight capacity tests were done for the hammock. Loads of 500 pounds were placed in the hammock for over 24 hour periods of time and all results were conclusive. This being said, the recommended maximal weight according to Owly Packs is 350 pounds.

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