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Tente-hamac hybride 2 places

$299.85 USD

Thoughtful and improved for over two years, the Owly Packs hanging hammock tent was designed to push the boundaries of your travel experiences. In perfect harmony with nature, it will allow you to better escape to the stars!

- Dimensions of the tent and the hammock tent; (Length: 260 cm), (Width: 126 cm), (Height: 100 cm).

- Dimensions of the rain shelter; (Length: 337 cm), (Width: 222 cm).

- Weight of the hammock tent with its rain shelter and all the accessories necessary for its assembly: 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs).

- Tissu du plancher : Polyester Ripstop 150D (Noir). PU coated, 2000mm FR (imperméabilité).
- Moustiquaire : Polyester 68D mesh.
- Abris imperméable : 68D Polyester Ripstop (Orange). PU coated, 2000mm FR (imperméabilité).
- Arceaux de tente : Aluminium.
- Top quality zippers
- Deux grandes portes pour optimiser la vue, autant en mode tente qu’en mode hamac et ainsi avoir une vue panoramique.
- All the walls and the roof of the tent are in transparent mosquito net.
- The hammock and the tent are two places.
- Poids maximal du hamac : 350 livres.
- There are three storage pockets. (One on the ceiling, removable) and one on each side so that they are easily accessible regardless of the orientation of the occupants.
- Système de couleur extrêmement simple afin de permettre à l’utilisateur de monter la tente ou le hamac très facilement.
- Rainwater drainage system in hammock mode.
- Simple system of displacement of the poles in order to create an extension to a more centralized point which allows to have a lying position much more straight and comfortable.
- Extremely simple and effective hammock attachment system.
- Waterproof shelters connectable directly on the tent. No ground attachment point required.
- Ring of fabric at each inner end of the hammock used to hang his bag inside.
- Each tent comes with a cylindrical storage bag, but the 15.5L bag at the bottom of the main backpack has been designed to accommodate the tent and therefore be integrated into the main bag, rather than compromising the outdoor space.
- Meets CPAI-84 standards on Canadian flame resistance policies.