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Free delivery in Canada-USA on purchase of $ 50 or more.

Free delivery in Canada-USA on purchase of $ 50 or more.

Sac à dos modulable 50L

$240.43 USD

The best way to travel is yours. Creating a modular travel bag capable of meeting the needs of all types of adventurers is the desire that led to the design of the Owly Packs backpack, combining efficiency, quality and comfort, each element of the bag has been thought in order to '' optimize its efficiency while respecting a modern and refined design.

Choose the regular size if you measure less than 5 feet 9 inches, or the large version if you measure 5 feet 9 inches or more.

- Dimension : 50L. (Le compartiment principal est de 30L. Le compartiment du bas fait 15.5L et du haut fait 4.5L.

- Backrest height: 52 cm for the Regular / 59 cm for the Large

- Weight: 2.4 Kg (5.2 Lb).

- Tissu : P600D Galaxy FM. PU coated 1500mm FR. (imperméabilité)
- Meilleure qualité de fermetures à glissière sur le marché : YKK waterproof Aquaguard.
- Water repellent but not waterproof, in case of heavy downpours a waterproof bag cover is required (already included).

- Eva foam in the shoulder straps and hips belt for optimal comfort.
- Anti-perspiration trampoline backrest.
- 3 secret pockets inside the bag with independent zippers, including one to insert an Ipad or small laptop or a water bag.
- Unisex shoulder straps with a specific design to bypass the female chest.
- H2o output
- System of fasteners, placed in strategic places, which allows to realize all kinds of configurations for the different ways of traveling of each.
- U-shaped pocket for easy access to the entire bag including two secret pockets on the reverse.
- Belt pockets are designed to fit almost any cell phone.
- Holder for water bottle.
- 4.5L upper bag with circular zipper and two secret pockets on the reverse.
- Lower bag of 15.5L provided with an invented system of connection to the main bag.