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Free delivery in Canada-USA on purchase of $ 50 or more.

Free delivery in Canada-USA on purchase of $ 50 or more.

We are a couple of entrepreneurs passionate about travel and adventure.

We founded Owly Packs after ten years of backpacking around the world. One day when we were going to Australia to work, we had to sleep in parks while waiting for the work season to start. We had neither tent nor hammock and we wake up drenched in dew every morning. This is what inspired us to invent a bag that could be transformed in order to shelter us if necessary. Then, the concept has evolved a lot. We went from this transformable backpack to this horrible brown tent, then, after dozens of prototyping rounds, to these fantastic products that we are so proud to present to you!

Our mission is to create products specially designed to allow you to go beyond the limits of your adventures, whatever type of adventurer you are.

We care about your plans, your travels, your adventures and we care about you. Therefore, we will continue to innovate and create products in your image.

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